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cuore antico

portrait of mothers |

ancient heart
in the last two months I have thought a lot about the incredible role of being a mother to a child like me, who has more than one or is waiting for his arrival. In this suspended and uncertain time, love alternates with frustration, joy and anger. The incredible gift that has been given to us over time has made me rediscover actions, feelings also exploring parts of me that I didn't know. Me and Ettore one afternoon drew ourselves like a tree and every day, at the end of the day we paint ourselves a leaf, she tells with her color what our day was like and this little habit has really become a deep and sincere reflection on what really for me, for us it matters. At the base of everything there is love, and gratitude for everything I have, then in my nights the walls of dissatisfaction, of discontent, of envy that every now and then subtle is threatened, have fallen and my breath it has become lighter, my heart beats faster and stronger, and the desire to offer rather than ask, to let go instead of protect myself, to defeat fear and always spread love, unconditional love.

may 2020 | reflections during a pandemic lockdown

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