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I am Francesca.

My dreams, the search for beauty, the everyday mix and come to life with photography. It's direct from the heart and involves me completely. I share my feelings, my beloved ones, my hidden places.

I spent long time crossing coutries, I travel with imagination, planes and trains; photography translates my experiences into stories.

I had been living in London, it's my second home.

Now I live in Italy in a small town, next to the countryside and the sea, 
feeling more and more attracted to a natural lifestyle.

I am a mother, I love markets, the scent of bread, smell the roses.

Big cities rapture me, in bookstores I dream, in front of a madonna I pray.

I love to make every day unique, 

I believe in beauty.

I love to take pictures of people, food, interior, still life using digital and film photography. Films always leave me more time and poetry and a certain sense of undefined. 

I’d love a living room with high ceilings, a greenhouse in the woods, where drinking tea and wine, a fireplace always on. I hand made things, I write on paper notebooks. Smiles are good for me. 

I am really passionate for what I do and the life I live.

Where I look I find dream, madness, poetry, love.

If you are interested and would like to talk about projects where my photography resonate with you, please get in contact with me.

I work as wedding photographer. I started this incredible journey with a collegue and now friend. We are curious, passionate, world citizens.

We are women, we are mothers, we have the same name FrancescaFrancesca.



Francesca Bianchelli photo profile
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